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Salty's Catering LogoSince 1976 the Saltzman family has been catering casual, formal, business and events for individuals. We will coordinate, plan and organize your entire affair, exactly as you desire from office meetings, buffet lunches, cocktail parties to sit down dinners. Our professional catering staff can deliver and serve your order.

Ryan Saltzman knew he wanted to be in the food industry from the time he was little. He grew up with two parents who were both not only gourmet chefs, but also owned their own catering business.

His grandfather brought the Jack in the Box franchise from California to Texas and then went on to own and run Salty’s Hickory Pit Barbeque, which was a well-known and popular barbeque restaurant in Dallas for over 20 years.

Ryan worked at several restaurants while in high school and took every culinary class offered at his high school. After high school, Ryan decided to make his passion for food into a career and attended Johnson Wales University in Denver where he received a bachelor’s degree in Food Service Management, as well as an associate’s degree in Culinary Arts.

Ryan has utilized his two degrees by working all over the country as a banquet sous chef, an executive chef, a buyer, and most currently, the head of his own catering company.

Ryan’s philosophy is “food is love.” Ryan likes to bring his own style to the table by creating healthy, innovative options, and keeping it simple.

Ryan has catered events both big and small and would love to be given the opportunity to cater your next event.

Ryan has also participated in Kosher Chili Cookoff festival in Dallas where he attended and cooked up some chili.

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